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TS Lines modifies Taiwan – Japan portfolio and closes one loop

At the beginning of August, the Hong Kong-based carrier TS Lines will suspend its standalone ‘JKH’ service between Japan, Taiwan, China and Vietnam.

The service is presently maintained with three ships of about 1,050 teu. All three vessels, the LANTAU BEACH, LANTAU BAY and STADT LAUENBURG, are on charter to TS Lines and are expected to be redelivered to their owners.

From the Japan – Taiwan perspective, TS Lines continues to operate four services. One of these loop, ‘JTK’, will see a notable increase in capacity at the beginning of August, as its two-ship-fleet will be upgraded from two 1,000+ teu vessels to larger ships. TS Lines will bring in the 1,679 teu ST MARY and the 1,560 teu LEO AUTHORITY. This capacity upgrade in part compensates for the closure of the ‘JKH’.

In addition to Japan-related loops on which TS Lines has an operator status, the carrier also continues its slot participation on Cheng Lie’s ‘JTX’.


Maersk sends triple-E to Russia for bunkering, reveals phase-in schedule for second jumbo

Maersk Line this week revealed that the second of its ultra-large triple-E container vessels will join the carrier’s AE10 Asia Europe service at Busan on 12 of August. The ship will phase-in four weeks after the service entry of the series’ lead ship MAERSK MC-KINNEY MOLLER and it will take the place of the 9,661 teu BUTTERFLY, which Maersk sub-chartered from CMA CGM as a stand-in for the damaged EMMA MAERSK. In contrast to earlier reports, which suggested that MARY MAERSK would be the second triple-E to enter commercial service, the Danish carrier now shows MAJESTIC MAERSK as ship number two.

Furthermore, another interesting detail has been revealed: Maersk Line will follow Hamburg Süd’s recent example with the CAP SAN NICOLAS and send the MAERSK MC-KINNEY MOLLER to the Russian Far East for bunkering. Sending newbuilt ships from South Korea on an ‘extended sea trial’ to either Vladivostok or Vostochny to take advantage of lower-priced bunker fuels in Russia appears to be a new trend and seems to catch on. So it is not unlikely that the MAJESTIC MAERSK will follow down the same path in early August.

The maiden voyage of the MAJESTIC MAERSK  will look as follows:

Busan 12/13 August, Kwangyang 13/14 August, Ningbo 15/16 August, Shanghai-Yangshan 17/18 August, Yantian 21/22 August, Tanjung Pelepas 25/26 August, Suez Canal Passage 06 September, Rotterdam 13/14 September, Bremerhaven 15/16 September, Gdansk 18/21 September, Aarhus 30 September, Gothenburg 01/02 October, Bremerhaven 03/04 October, Rotterdam 05/06 October, Tanger Med 10/12 October, Suez Canal Passage 17/18 October, Singapore 01/02 November.