Far East – WCNA ‘SEA’ service to be boosted

Ulf Kornfeld

The 10,020 teu COSCO TAICANG, chartered by Wan Hai Lines for the Transpacific trade / Credit: Ulf Kornfeld

With one service to be removed from the CKYH Far East – WCNA portfolio, the alliance partners will increase the capacity of the Coscon-operated ‘SEA’ service and replace several of the service’s 8,200 teu units with ships of 9,000 and 10,000 teu.

Further to this, the Canadian port of Prince Rupert will be added to the loop and the former Xiamen call, suspended in May, will be reinstated.

So far, the ‘SEA’ loop had been operated by Coscon, with slot participations of the carrier’s CKYH partners K-Line, Hanjin and Yang Ming -who just took slots-, as well as slots from Wan Hai and PIL.

As part of the upcoming changes both K-Line and Wan Hai Line are to become vessel operators on the loop. K-Line will phase its 9,040 teu HUMEN BRIDGE into the service, while Wan Hai will charter the 10,020 teu COSCO TAICANG, from Coscon and bring the ship into the loop.

Through the fleet upgrade, the ‘SEA’ loop’s average weekly capacity will increase from ca 8,200 teu to ca 9,250 teu.

The revised operation will deploy six vessels on a 42-day round trip along following port rotation: Nansha, Hong Kong, Yantian (Shenzhen), Xiamen, Long Beach, Prince Rupert, Nansha.


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