P3 setup update: Far East – Med

As reported earlier, the proposed Far East to Europe network of the P3 will consist of five dedicated weekly Mediterranean loops, in addition to eight northern Europe services. Further to this, two Suez-routed Asia to USEC services will feature Med calls and at least one of them will therefore double as a Far East to Med and Med to USEC link.

Out of the five Far East to Med loops, two will focus on the west Med, one on the Aegean (east Med), one on the Adriatic (east Med), and one on the Black Sea and Marmara Sea.

One wayporting USEC service, the ‘Atlantic / Vespucci’, will cover the west and central Med with westbound calls at Valencia and Algeciras, and eastbound calls at Malta. Since these ports are major hubs, Med-related volumes on this loop will be substantial.

The other wayporting USEC service, the ‘America / TP12’, features east and westbound calls at Haifa, Israel. Since, contrary to Valencia, Algeciras and Malta, Haifa is not a major hub, Med-volumes on this service will probably be moderate.

Operationally, one of the five Med-related services, the ‘Phoenix / PHOEX / AE12’, will be part of a wider Med-Far East-USWC pendulum.

Two of the P3 Asia-Med services will incorporate calls at King Abdullah City, a new Saudi Arabian port on the Red Sea,

In contrary to the P3’s Asia to northern Europe loops, which use Tanjung Pelepas as a Straits hub, Singapore takes this role for the Mediterranean services.

The dedicated Med and Black Sea services look as follows:

Dragon / WMED1 / AE20 – West Med – Far East
Genoa, Fos-sur-mer, Valencia, Gioia Tauro, Port Said, Suez Canal (way point), King Abdullah City, Port Kelang, Singapore, Xiamen, Dalian, Tianjin (aka Xingang), Busan, Ningbo, Shanghai, Xiamen, Chiwan (Shenzhen), Yantian (Shenzhen), Singapore, Port Kelang, King Abdullah City, Suez Canal (way point), Marsaxlokk, La Spezia, Genoa.

Jade / WMED2 / AE11 – West Med – Far East
Valencia, Barcelona, Fos-sur-mer, La Spezia, Gioia Tauro, Suez Canal (way point), Salalah, Khor Al Fakkan, Jebel Ali, Abu Dhabi (Mina Khalifa), Singapore, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Nansha, Chiwan (Shenzhen), Yantian (Shenzhen), Singapore, Suez Canal (way point), Gioia Tauro, Valencia.

Tiger / AEGEX / AE15 – Aegean – Far East
Ambarli (Istanbul), Izmit, Piraeus, Marsaxlokk, Port Said, Suez Canal (way point), King Abdullah City, Jebel Ali, Khor Al Fakkan, Singapore, Yantian (Shenzhen), Qingdao, Busan, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Yantian (Shenzhen), Chiwan (Shenzhen), Singapore, Suez Canal (way point), Port Said, Beirut, Ambarli.

Great Sea / BEX / AE3 – Black Sea – Far East
Constantza, Odessa, Ilyichevsk, Ambarli (Istanbul), Piraeus, Port Said, Suez Canal (way point), Singapore, Xiamen, Busan, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Yantian (Shenzhen), Chiwan (Shenzhen), Singapore, Port Kelang, Suez Canal (way point), Izmit, Ambarli (Istanbul), Constantza.

Pendulum Phoenix / PHOEX / AE12 – Adriatic – Far East / USWC
Koper, Trieste, Rijeka, Port Said, Suez Canal (way point), Tanjung Pelepas, Chiwan (Shenzhen), Yantian (Shenzhen), Xiamen, Long Beach, Oakland, Busan, Ningbo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Chiwan (Shenzhen), Yantian (Shenzhen), Singapore, Suez Canal (way point), Port Said, Koper


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