Sungdong delivers the HANJIN NEW JERSEY, second ship of 3,614 teu quartet

Vladimir Tonic

The HANJIN NEW JERSEY at Sungdong / Credit: Vladimir Tonic

Singapore’s non operating owner Eastern Pacific has taken delivery of the 3,614 teu container vessel HANJIN NEW JERSEY, the second of four sister ships ordered by companies related to the Ofer Family in June 2011 at Sungdong Shipyard, South Korea.

The new baby-overpanamax ship is 228m long and 37.30m (15 rows) wide. It is equipped with 500 reefer plugs and designed for moderate service speeds of no more than 21 knots.

The vessel has joined a long-term charter with Hanjin Shipping and it is to phase into the ‘new’ joint low-season Transpacific service of Evergreen Marine and Hanjin. The loop was recently created through the merger of Hanjin’s ‘CAX’ and Evergreen’s ‘CPS2’.

Originally, the HANJIN NEW JERSEY was scheduled to enter service in late September, but her delivery was deferred by about one month – presumably because of the weak demand situation in the container trade.

While the quartet’s lead ship HANJIN CALIFORNIA is managed by Israel’s XT, the HANJIN NEW JERSEY is controlled by Eastern Pacific of Singapore. Both companies are related to the Ofer shipping dynasty.

Another two ships of the type are in an advanced state of construction – possibly even completed – at Sungdong. The ships are to come on stream later this year.


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