Hanjin reshuffles Korea – Vietnam service

Hanjin is to reshuffle its ‘NHS’ service, a loop which so far connects South Korea and Vietnam with a stopover at Hong Kong.

In mid-November, the Korean operator will implement significant changes to the ‘NHS’ service’s rotation, with new calls in China (Shanghai and Shekou) and Indonesia (Penang). The additional ports will come at the expense of the present double Hong Kong call which is to be dropped entirely, both in the westbound and eastbound directions. The service continues to run in three weeks with three ships.

The revised rotation reads as follows: Kwangyang, Busan, Shanghai (new), Shekou (Shenzhen) (new), Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Port Kelang (new), Penang (new), Tanjung Pelepas, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Kwangyang.

At the same time, the Korean operator is to complete a capacity upgrade of the service, as it replaces the 1,713 teu HANJIN HO CHI MINH with the 2,553 teu HANJIN MANZANILLO. The loop now deploys three identical 2,553 teu ships compared to a fleet of 1,700 – 1,800 teu ships earlier this year.

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