SAINTY VOGUE (1,079 teu) delivered

frozen containers

Frozen containers in St Petersburg – ice classed vessels are required throughout the season / Credit: Maersk Line

China’s Sainty Shipyard has delivered the 1,070 teu vessel SAINTY VOGUE. The ice-classed container vessel appears to be managed by an entity of the Sainty Marine Group and thus a sister company of the shipyard.

Sainty has been a prolific builder of various types of small ice-classed container vessels, typically built to European standard designs for the accounts of north European owners.

The SAINTY VOGUE and her yet-to-be-delivered sister ship, due in 2014, seem to be hulls that were originally earmarked for a European non-operating owner, but which were dropped when European ship financing dried up.

Now controlled by the Sainty Marine Group itself, the SAINTY VOGUE has been chartered to Maersk Line, who will deploy the ship on the recently-launched Morocco to Russia citrus season service. The SAINTY VOGUE will phase into the service on 11 November after her positioning trip from China to Morocco.

With direct calls at St Petersburg throughout the winter, the new Maersk-Seago loop requires ice-classed tonnage.


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