PDL to launch new intra-Pacific Islands service

Pacific Direct Line (PDL), an affiliate of Singapore’s Pacific International Line (PIL), will increase the coverage of Fiji and the Gilbert Islands by launching a new service to supplement the shipping line’s existing loop between Suwa, Tarawa and Majuro.

The new loop, scheduled to begin operations in late October, will link Suwa, Tarawa – now covered by two PDL services – and Honiara. It will offer one departure every 18-19 days.

Both of the intra-Island services will connect at Suva, to PDL’s Auckland-based service.

To staff the new service, PDL will charter the geared 630 teu container-multipurpose ship MCP BILBAO, which it will bring into service under the new name SOUTHERN PHOENIX. The ship has a proven track record in the Pacific Islands trade and it sailed for Matson until recently under the name IMUA.

The 117m vessel is equipped with two 70mt cranes and it can supply electricity for up to 60 reefer containers.


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