PIL to receive KOTA CEMPAKA (6,606 teu)

Pacific International Lines is to take delivery this week of the 6,606 teu container vessel KOTA CEMPAKA, the fifth unit in a series of six sister ships from China’s Dalian Shipyard.

The six vessels were ordered in two stages: Four ships were contracted in March 2007 and two more ships were added to the pipeline in July 2011. The first four units were later deferred by about 18 months.

The four ships ordered in 2007 were originally destined to trade alongside four similarly-sized vessels of Wan Hai Lines on a joint Asia-Europe service of the two carriers. At that time, eight weeks as a typical round-trip duration of such services.

Following the economic crisis however, both PIL and Wan Hai withdrew from Far East to Northern Europe trade lane.

KOTA CEMPAKA is scheduled to phase into the joint Far East-Red Sea service of PIL and APL which has successively been upgraded from smaller vessels and which now deploys a fleet of eight ca 6,000 teu ships.

The final unit of PIL’s C-class vessels, to be named KOTA CEPAT, is scheduled for delivery at the end of this year.


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