BALSA (2,500 teu) delivered, joins Mariana Express

The Norwegian non-operating ship owner Klaveness Maritime has taken delivery this week of the 2,500 teu vessel BALSA, the last unit of a trio of mid-sized container ships ordered in September 2010 at the Chinese Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipbuilding.

Originally, the series was to extend to a fourth ship, the BALEARES, but the fourth contract appears to have either been canceled or sold on long before delivery.

The BALSA has been chartered by Mariana Express Lines and she will trade in the carrier’s fortnightly ‘ANA’ Far East to Northern Australia service which serves Darwin, Port Moresby, Townsville, Kaohsiung, Shanghai, Qingdao, Hong Kong.

At 2,500 teu, the ship is the largest unit employed on the ‘ANA’, replacing the 1,732 teu MELL SHENTON, a Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard standard type ship.


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