Hanjin and Evergreen merge Transpacific loops into joint low-season service

In the light of the upcoming east-west slack season, Evergreen and Hanjin are to merge their Far East to USWC services ‘CPS 2’ and ‘CAX’ into a joint low-season offer. The merger will take effect in the second week of October.

The combined loop, which will retain the respective carrier’s individual branding, will turn in six weeks.

It will deploy six ships in the size range of 3,600 to 4,300 teu, with each of the carriers contributing three vessels. Hanjin will bring in the HANJIN MILANO, HANJIN NEW JERSEY and HANJIN CALIFORNIA. Evergreen is to contribute the STADT FREIBURG, OSAKA TOWER and EVER DEVOTE.

The slow season downscaling will have a negative capacity impact of 4,057 teu per week on the Transpacific trade lane.

Since May, Evergreen and Hanjin already operate under a slot-exchange agreement between the two services. In addition, there are a number of third-party slotters on the loops: Coscon and Zim slot on the Evergreen-operated ‘CPS2’. Coscon and NYK slot on the Hanjin-operated ‘CAX’. All slotters are expected to continue on the merged loop.

The consolidated ‘CPS2’/ ‘CAX’ will call at the following ports: Ningbo, Shanghai, Busan, Long Beach, Oakland, Tokyo, Osaka, Ningbo.


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