Jiangsu New Yangzijiang delivers HS SHACKLETON (4,770 teu)

China’s Jiangsu New Yangzijiang Shipyard this week delivered the 4,770 teu container vessel HAMMONIA TOSCANA, the third unit of a new baby-overpanamax ship design and the lead ship of a quartet of sisters for Hansa Shipping of Hamburg.

The HS SHACKLETON has been taken on charter by Hapag-Loyd and she is presently positioning to Singapore to phase into the carrier’s Straits and Indonesia to Australia service ‘SAL’, offered in cooperation with CSCL, UASC, Hanjin, RCL and ANL. The new ship will replace the 4,250 teu JPO VULPECULA, which Hapag-Lloyd is expected to return to her owners.

A total of ten sister ships of the new Jiangsu Yangzijiang type have been ordered, all by German non-operating owners. Six of the ships will be managed by Peter Dohle, whereas four ships will be controlled by Hansa Shipping.

The vessels have a length over all of 255.10m and a beam of 37.30m (15 rows). They are powered by an MAN B&W 6 S80ME-C9 main engine and they provide electricity for up to 600 reefer containers.

The HS SHACKLETON is named after the British polar explorer and scientist Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton (1874-1922), best known for his Antarctic tour of 1915, during which the expedition ship was lost. Shackleton and his crew subsequently survived an 800 mile journey in a small open boat to the nearest populated island.

Hansa Shipping’s ‘Explorer’ quartet will be completed in the coming months with three more ships: The HS BAFFIN, HS EVEREST and HS MARCO POLO.


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