CMA CGM boost Morocco links for citrus season

Frans Sanderse

The ‘citrus season’ is about to start and the CMA CGM AGADIR is to phase into the North Africa – North Europe lane / Credit: Frans Sanderse

In time for the upcoming Citrus season, the French Line CMA CGM is to boost its links from northern Africa to Europe. Late this month, the carrier will restart its seasonal ‘Dunkrus’ service which it suspended in May.

The loop will reopen on 25 Sep with the first sailing of the 966 teu CMA CGM AGADIR and it will link Casablanca, Agadir, Dunkirk, Antwerp, Casablanca. For the time being, the service is announced as forthnightly with one ship on a 14-day roundtrip.

CMA CGM’s revived ‘Dunkrus’ adds to the carrier’s ‘Casa4’ loop, operated in partnership with the German OPDR. This service connects Casablanca to Antwerp, Rotterdam, Dunkirk, Le Havre and Rouen.

Further to the above, CMA CGM will once again begin to take seasonal slots on the West Mediterranean leg of Tarros’ ‘Great Pendulum’ service. The relevant leg of this loop connects La Spezia, Salerno, Genoa with Casablanca, Setubal and Sines.

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