Third NACKS 13,386 teu jumbo delivered: COSCO ENGLAND

Ulf Kornfeld

COSCO ENGLAND’s earlier sister, the COSCO FRANCE / Credit: Ulf Kornfeld

Cosco Container Lines has received the 13,386 teu neo-overpanamax vessel COSCO ENGLAND. The 366m ship is the third unit in a series of eight identical sisters that Coscon is to receive from the Chinese Nantong Cosco KHI Ship Engineering Company (aka NACKS), a joint venture between Cosco and the Japanese Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The ship follows the series’ lead ship COSCO BELGIUM, delivered in March, and the COSCO FRANCE¬†delivered in May.

The COSCO ENGLAND is a 20-row wide twin-isle neo-overpanamax. Depending on the source, the total capacity of the ship is stated as 13,386 teu or 13,500 teu. Other ships of comparable dimensions are rated at up to 14,000 teu, so that an assumed intake of 13,500 teu seems fitting under realistic load conditions.

Coscon had ordered the eight ships of the type in April of 2008 for a reported price of USD 167M per vessel. Originally slated for an earlier delivery, the series’ construction schedule was later re-negotiated and deferred due to the effects of the global economic crisis.

Deliveries of the eight units are now expected to stretch out over a period of 18 months, with the final ship due in September 2014. The vessels of this series will all be named after European countries.

The COSCO ENGLAND is scheduled to phase into the CKYH alliance’s Far East to Northern Europe service ‘NE7’, where she will replace the 10,062 teu COSCO EUROPE, which moves on to the CYKH alliance’s Med service ‘MD1’. After an initial round-trip on ‘NE7’, the COSCO ENGLANG will phase into the Cosco-operated ‘NE3’.


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