Four carriers swap slots on revised WCCA feeders

In addition to linervision’s earlier report, it now turns out that the changes applied to Evergreen’s and X-Press Feeders’ joint intra-WCCA feeder ‘WCA’ / ‘MCX’ were in preparation of the creation of a two-loop service system in cooperation with CMA CGM and CSAV.

While the French Line and CSAV will join the slightly revised ‘WCA’ / ‘MCX’, Evergreen and X-Press will in return slot on the CMA CGM and CSAV operated ‘Tikal’. The latter will be rebranded as ‘Tikal1’ by CMA CGM, whereas the French will market their new slot allocation as ‘Tikal2’.

Hamburg Süd, which already has a slot allocation on the ‘WCA’ / ‘MCX’ will expand this agreement to cover both services. The carrier is therefore not affected by the recent removal of Puerto Caldera from the Evergreen and X-Press loop, as this Costa Rican port is now covered via the ‘Tikal1’.

The two revised loops now form a coordinated pattern which links several smaller ports on the WCCA to the Mexican port of Manzanillo, where transhipment to deep sea services is offered. As of early September, the two loop feeder system will look as follows:

Loop 1 – operators: CMA CGM and CSAV. slotters: Evergreen, X-Press Feeders and Hamburg Sud. 2 x 1,700 teu.

Manzanillo (Mex), Puerto Quetzal, Acajutla, Corinto, Puerto Caldera, Puerto Quetzal.

The service’s base port was recently moved along the Mexican Pacific coast and the call at Lazaro Cardenas was replaced by Manzanillo.

Loop 2 – operators: Evergreen and X-Press Feeders, slotters: CMA CGM, CSAV and Hamburg Süd. 2 x 900 teu.

Furthermore, China Shipping Container Lines, which is involved in five Far East related services that call at Manzanillo, is believed to take slots on the revised WCCA feeders. The carrier is yet to provide details of its participation.


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