Maersk-Seago withdraws from Iceland

Hannes van Rijn

The 1,465 teu DETTIFOSS is deployed on Eimskip’s North Europe – Iceland service / Credit: Hannes van Rijn

Maersk Line and its sister company Seago Line are to cease acceptance to and from Iceland as of 1 October.

The Danish A.P. Moller-Maersk group’s carriers so far offered connections to Reykjavik through slots on Eimskip’s and Samskip’s respective North Europe to Iceland services:

  • Eimskip ‘Blue Line’: Eimskip deploys two 1,465 teu vessels on the following rotation: Rotterdam, Fredrikstad (fortnightly), Szczecin (fortnightly), Helsingborg, Aarhus, Thorshavn, Reykjavik, Grundartangi, Reykjavik, Reydarfjordur, Thorshavn, Rotterdam. Maersk -Seago so far participates on the Reykjavik andTorshavn to Aarhus trunk of the loop and will reduce this coverage to Torshavn – Aarhus after 1 October.
  • Samskip ‘Blue route’: Samskip deploys two 908 teu vessels on the following rotation: Rotterdam, Cuxhaven, Aarhus, Grundartangi, Reykjavik, Vestmannaeyjar, Thorshavn, Rotterdam. The A.P. Moller-Maersk group’s participation is limited to Rotterdam, Cuxhaven and Aarhus to Reykjavik only. As of 1 October, Maersk-Seago will withdraw from this service altogether.

Seago Line commented the decision an stated that ‘the changes follow an extensive review of the commercial and financial viability of [their] existing service offerings’.

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