Matson down-scales new Brisbane to Pacific Islands link

Matson is to decrease the capacity of the Brisbane to Pacific Islands service, wich the shipping line had launched in early May with the charter vessel IMUA. The 630 teu multipurpose charter vessel of the ‘MCP Mini Container Pool’ standard type is to be replaced by the 360 teu KARIN of Interscan Schiffahrt, Germany.

For her new service, the KARIN will be renamed IMUA, while the present IMUA will return to her proforma name MCP BILBAO at the end of her Matson Charter.

The Honolulu-based shipping line Matson had taken control of a number of small Pacific Islands services late in 2012, when it acquired the primary assets formerly owned by Reef Shipping, a South Pacific shipping company based in Auckland, New Zealand.

The new ship will trade on an unaltered rotation between Brisbane, Honiara, Noro (New Georgia), Nauru Island and Brisbane where it offers one sailing every three weeks.


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