Coscol takes delivery of heavy-lifter DA KANG (29,840 dwt)

The China Coso Group’s breakbulk, multipurpose and heavy lift specialist Coscol has taken delivery of the 29,840 dwt multipurpose vessel DA KANG. The ship is the second unit in a series of eight heavy-lifters that Coscol ordered in November 2010 at the Nantong Ocean Ship Engineering Company and at Shanghai Shipyard. Coscol’s new DA KANG follows the series’ lead ship DA AN, delivered in May.

The 179.50m long and 28.00m wide ship is fitted with two 350 (metric) ton cranes and one 100 ton crane. The larger two of the three can work in tandem to lift loads of up to 700 tons.

With a flush full-width cargo deck and a largest hold of over 50m in length, the ships are particularly well suited to carry bulky items such as for example propeller blades and pylons for wind turbines. A forward-positioned accommodation block and bridge furthermore gives additional shelter for deck loads in adverse weather conditions.

The ships have a nominal container intake of about 1,500 teu. They are however not designed to carry containers in the first place. Their container capacity is hence purely notional.

All six remaining units of the type are all scheduled to come on stream before the end of this year. Coscol meanwhile however extended its multipurpose ship pipeline with new orders. Last month, the Chinese shipping line signed contracts for four 36,000 teu units at the Nantong Ocean Ship Engineering Company. These ships are scheduled for delivery between September 2015 and May 2016.

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