Thenamaris takes delivery of SEASMILE (5,000 teu)

The Greek non-operating owner Thenamaris has taken delivery of the 5,000 teu baby-overpanamax vessel SEASMILE: The new ship is the first of two sisters that Thenamaris ordered in June 2011 at Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries of South Korea.

The 255.40m long and 37.40m (15 rows) wide ship has a commercial speed of 21.5 knots and it is powered by a MAN B&W 6G80ME-C9.2 main engine, rated at about 27.000 kW.

Thenamaris’ SEASMILE is soon to join her charterer Maersk Line, for whom she will trade between the Far East and West Africa. The vessel will phase into the joint ‘FEW3’ or ‘AFEX’ service of the APM-Maersk (Maersk Line and Safmarine) and CMA CGM (CMA CGM and Delmas) groups.

At 5,000 teu, the SEASMILE will be the largest vessel employed on this loop by a margin of more than 500 teu. She will also be one of only a handful gearless ships on the loop which otherwise deploys CMA CGM ships in the size range of 3,500 to 4,000 teu, as well as Maersk and Safmarine ships of the 4,496 teu ‘Wafmax’ type. The teu advantage results mainly from the fact that the vessel is gearless. In terms of exterior dimensions, the SEASMILE is only marginally bigger than her ‘Wafmax’ type running mates. With electricity supply for 775 containers, the Thenamaris ships also offer 175 more plugs for temperature controlled boxes than the ‘Wafmaxes’ which are equipped with 600 outlets.

The second Thenamaris ship of the type is scheduled for delivery in October. It is not known yet, whether the Greek owners already secured a charter for the second unit or not.


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