Zim announces launch of intra-WCCA feeder ‘BCA’

The container line Zim has announced the launch of a new feeder service that will link three ports on the West Coast of Central America to the Panama Canal’s Pacific terminus and hub port of Balboa. Scheduled to launch in the second week of September, the new offering will be marketed under the name ‘Balboa Central America Express’ (‘BCA’),

At Balboa, the new feeder will connect to Zim’s Panama Canal routed Far East to ECNA service ‘ZCP’ on which CSCL slots.

The new ‘BCA’ service will operate two vessels on a weekly basis with the following rotation: Balboa, Acajutla, Puerto Quetzal, Lazaro Cardenas, Puerto Quetzal, Acajutla, Balboa.

Zim said the new service was part of its ongoing efforts to expand the port coverage available to its customer in this ‘growing’ region of the world.

So far it remains to be seen whether the ‘BCA’ will be a standalone operation by Zim or if other partners – another mainline carrier or a feeder operator – are involved too.


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