Qing Shan Shipyard delivers the SINOTRANS QINGDAO (1,100 teu)

China’s Qing Shan Shipyard has delivered the SINOTRANS QINGDAO, first of two 1,100 teu container vessels ordered by Sinotrans in June 2011. Originally slated for delivery in late 2012 and early 2013, the ships have been deferred by around eight months each.

The new vessel is to join in early August Sintotrans’ China to Japan network and phase into the carrier’s Shanghai-based ‘SJ1-SJ2’ butterfly loop. This service actually consists of two small shuttles on which vessels alternate between a Shanghai to Nagoya wing and a Shanghai to Yokohama and Tokyo wing. Yang Ming, Hasco and Sinokor all have a slot allocation on the loop.

On this service, the new SINOTRANS QINGDAO will replace the 907 teu SINOTRANS NINGBO. The second ship of the 1,100 teu Qing Shan twins is likely to join the same service and replace the 907 teu SINOTRANS XIAMEN.

In addition to the 1,100 teu pair, Sinotrans ordered two ships of 1,800 teu at Qing Shan Shipyard. These vessels are due to be delivered later in 2013. Qing Shan is a member of the Sinotrans & CSC Shipbuilding Industry Corporation wich, among others, contains well-known shipbuilders such as Jinling Shipyard and Yichang Shipyard. It is as such a subsidiary of the Sinotrans Group.


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