Linea Messina moves Naples calls to Salerno

In the past week, Italy’s container-roro specialist carrier Linea Messina has moved all but one of its calls at Naples to Salerno, a small multipurpose and container port south of the capital of Italy’s Campania region.

At Salerno, the Messina ships now use the Gallozzi Group’s SCT terminal. The shipping line said that the change of port would concern all former Naples calls, with the exception of its service to Libya, which will continue to call at Naples’ SoTeCo Terminal.

Both the Mediterranean to Middle East conro service and the Mediterranean to East and South Africa conro service have already been moved to Salerno.

The change of port appears not to concern the lolo-container services that call at Naples and on which Linea Messina buys slots, but only the carrier’s own services operated with container roro tonnage.

On the contrary, the CMA CGM-operated Naples to Sicily, Malta and Calabria feeder ‘FAS2’, on which Linea Messina slots, will drop its Salerno call in late August, but will continue to call at Naples.


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