CSCL and Zim add North China and Malaysia calls to ‘AEX1’ to reflect ‘AEX2’ shut-down

In addition to last week’s linervision report that CSCL and Zim are to boost the capacity of their joint Far East to Europe service ‘AEX1’, the ongoing wind-down of the same trade lane’s ‘AEX2’ has apparently prompted the two shipping lines to apply further changes to the ‘AEX1’.

As of late July, the service, which presently turns at Shanghai, will be extended north to the Bohai Bay with a call at Dalian. A new call at Qingdao will be added at the same time as well as a second Shanghai call. The new Dalian and Qingdao extension will thus be sandwiched between an eastbound and a westbound call at Shanghai, which is to become the only port with double coverage on the ‘AEX1’.

Not much later, a further port is to be added to the ‘AEX1’: In early August, the loop will start westbound calls at Port Kelang, Malaysia.

With the exception of Dalian, the new calls all used to feature on the ‘AEX2’ that Zim and CSCL operated alongside the Taiwanese carrier Evergreen .

In order to accommodate the extra calls on the extended rotation, CSCL and Zim will extend the round-trip time of the ‘AEX1’ from 63 days to 70 days and operate the service with a fleet of ten vessels, compared to the present nine.

Transit times between existing port pairs should not be affected much by the stretch, as most of the extra week will be used to fit the new Bohai Bay leg into the schedule.

The revised rotation of the ‘AEX1’ will read as follows: Felixstowe, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Suez Canal (way point), Nansha, Shanghai, Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Yantian (Shenzhen), Port Kelang, Suez Canal (way point), Felixstowe.


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