X-Press and Evergreen add Cartagena to Panama -Venezuela service

X-Press Feeders and Evergreen will add a doube call at Cartagena (Colombia) to their joint Panama to Venezuela service marketed as ‘PVX Panama Venezuela Xpress’ and ‘CAS’, respectively.

X-Press already covers Cartagena with the ‘CPX Colombia – Panama Express’ that it operates togther with APL, and with the standalone Centram to NCSA loop ‘PCX’. Evergreen is a slot partner on both of these services.

The extended ‘PVX’ aka ‘CAS’ will call at the following ports: Manzanillo (Pan), Colon, Cartagena (Col), Willemstad (Curacao), La Guaira, Puerto Cabello, Cartagena (Col), Colon. It turns in 22 days with two ship and offers one sailing every 11 days, with the 1,812 teu BF IPANEMA and the 2,546 teu ATLANTIC VOYAGER.


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