Buss Capital takes delivery of OCEANIA (1,714 teu)

Germany’s Buss Capital has taken delivery of the 1,714 teu Wenchong 1700-MK2 type ship OCEANIA, an evolutionary successor type of the popular Wenchong 1700-MK1 standard design.

While the design retains the general characteristics of the MK1, the new series features an entirely redesigned hull and superstructure. The MK2 type has a lower draft and deadweight and comes equipped with an electronically controlled Sulzer-Wartsila RT flex engine, compared to the mechanically controlled MAN B&W engines of the MK-1 type. Just slightly shorter than the MK1 type, the MK2 remains within the limits of the Bangkokmax dimensions and is thus allowed to navigate the Chao Phraya River.

The vessel is the third of four similar ships that Buss ordered in February 2011 at China’s Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard for delivery between late 2012 and mid-2013 and she follows the OLIVIA, delivered in January.

Of note, the German Buss Group,based at Hamburg, is a major operator of multipurpose terminals and Buss Capital is the group’s investment vehicle. It is not to be confused with the Leer-based Hermann Buss group, which also includes a financing and ship management company.

Since Hamburg’s Buss group does not have an own ship management branch, the technical management of the OCEANIA and her sisters has been outsourced to Reederei Gebrüder Winter, also located at Hamburg.

The new OCEANIA has found a charter with the APM-M’s group’s intra-Asia carrier MCC Transport. Shortly after her delivery, the ship will receive the charter name MCC SHANGHAI. It will join MCC’s SHI1 China-Korea-Philippines service, where it is to fill the gap left when MCC moved its 1.713 teu vessel MCC SEOUL to its Straits to Cambodia service.

Buss Capital will receive one more ship of the type. To be named OCTAVIA, this vessel is scheduled for delivery in early 2014.


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