Dongjin Shipping orders 1,000 teu standard type at Daesun

Vladimir Tonic

The 953 teu DONGJIN VENUS / Credit: Vladimir Tonic

The South Korean niche carrier Dongjin Shipping today ordered one 1,000 teu container vessel from its compatriot shipbuilder Dongjin Shipyard. The new ship will be a further example for Daesun’s popular series of standard type vessels of which close to 50 units have been delivered so far.

Neither the yard, nor the ship owner disclosed the new ship’s delivery date. Based on Daesun’s newbuilding pipeline, the vessel is however expected to come on stream in mid-2015.

The intra-Asia niche carrier Dongjin presently deploys a mixed fleet of small container ships and general cargo vessels of Japanese and Korean origin. In 2011, Dongjin already took delivery of one 1,000 teu Daesun standard type ship, the DONGJIN VENUS.


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