China’s BoCom orders six 9,400 teu compact wide beam ships

The Shanghai-based Bank of Communications (BoCom), through its subsidiary Bank of Communications Financial Leasing, has placed orders for six 9,400 teu container vessels at Chinese Shipyards. The bank said in a statement that it had ordered two ships at Jiangnan Shipyard and four units at Shanghai Jiangnan Changxing Shipbuilding.

Details of the contract have not been provided, but the ships are believed to be earmarked for long-term charters to the Mediterranean Shipping Company.

The vessels are thought to be sister ships or very near sister ships of a series that Schulte Group of Germany and Costamare of Greece have ordered for long-term charters to MSC. The first of these ships, MSC ANTALYA, is scheduled for delivery at the end of this month.

The new BoCom-owned ships will be 300.00m long and 48.80m (19 rows) wide. They will be designed as twin-isle ships with the superstructure locates at the one-third forward position.

The CSSC Shipyard Group, to which the yards belong, underlined that the vessels will be very fuel-efficient and come with state-of-the art features for environmental protection. CSSC however did not specify further the nature of these ‘green’ features.

BoCom’s six-ship deal comes on top of an order for seven 8,800 teu ships that the Chinese container manufacturer CIMC recently placed at Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Corporation for long-term leases to MSC.


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