Hyundai Mipo delivers KOTA GANDING (2,824 teu) the 66th and last Mipo 2800 type

Pacific International Lines (PIL) is to put in service this week the 2,824 teu ship KOTA GANDING. The vessel was actually already handed over in June, but she will only enter service this week.

The KOTA GANDING was built at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard of Ulsan, South Korea, and she is the last unit of the extremely popular Mipo 2800 type. This vessel series started in July 2001 with the delivery of Swiss Atlantique’s ENGIADINA, today Seachange Maritime’s TASANEE, and a total of 66 ships of the type have been built over the past decade.

Together with two of her PIL-owned sister ships, the KOTA GANDING is one of only three Mipo 2800 types that has been fitted with cranes. PIL opted to have cranes installed to make the ships better suited for trading into smaller unequipped ports, particularly in Africa.

Pacific International Lines will deploy the new ship to its standalone China to Red Sea Service ‘RS2’, where she will replace the 5,100 teu charter vessel RHL FELICITAS.

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