Hadley Shipping takes delivery of CERINTHUS (1,740 teu)

London-based Hadley Shipping has taken delivery of the 1,740 teu Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard standard type vessel CERINTHUS. The ship goes back to an order that the United Kingdom’s Norse Management had placed in June 2010, but which has since been passed on to Hadley Shipping.

The CERINTHUS already left her building yard at Guangzhou in late June, without any direct employment. The ship has now been chartered by KMTC and she will commence her commercial career on one of the South Korean carrier’s Korea to Indonesia services. Details of the phase-in have yet to be advised.

Hadley Shipping’s new vessel is named after Cerinthus, an early Christian scholar and founder of one of many schools of thought within the field of Gnosticism. The name is traditional for the 1926-founded Hadley Shipping and has been carried by several of their ships in the past, including a tanker and a liberty-type general cargo ship.


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