G6 contingency plan: update

Ulf Kornfeld

The 8,110 teu MOL CONTINUITY steps-in in replacement of MOL CHARISMA / Credit: Ulf Kornfeld

The G6 carriers today advised further details of their contingency plan to minimise the negative effects resulting from the loss of the MOL COMFORT  and the subsequent emergency drydockings of the accident vessel’s sister ships.

In a first step, the shipping lines came up with a series of ad-hoc schedule changes to cover the cancelled sailings of the MOL COURAGE and MOL CREATION.

Today, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) advised that the MOL CHARISMA will phase out of her current eastbound voyage on the G6 Loop 1 after the completion of the discharge operation at Tokyo. The 5,605 teu MOL GENEROSITY will cover the Japan-China-Hong Kong leg of the loop and will carry all westbound cargo from MOL CHARISMA up to Hong Kong. The cargo will then be loaded onto the MOL CONTINUITY which will cover the remaining westbound voyage to Europe and also the next eastbound voyage of the MOL CHARISMA as per proforma schedule.

Despite her C-class name and her rather similar looks, the MOL CONTINUITY is not one of the Mitsubishi-designed ships affected by the emergency drydocking scheme. MOL CONTINUTITY, alongside her sister MOL COSMOS, is one of two Koyo-designed ships of the C-series.


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