Hamburg Süd adds second Far East – South Africa service through slots

Effective July, the German carrier Hamburg Süd will add a second Far East – South Africa string to its offer, through slots on the ‘Safari’/’Shaka 2’ service jointly operated by Maersk Line and CMA CGM.


The ‘Safari’ (Maersk Line) / ‘Shaka’ (CMA CGM)

The weekly service employs nine vessels in the size range from 6,628 to 7,250 teu. Seven of the ships are provided by the Danish carrier and two by the French Line. The loop turns in nine weeks along the following path: Shanghai, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Yantian, Tanjung Pelepas, Port Louis, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Port Louis, Singapore, Nansha, Shanghai.

By means of this new slot agreement, Hamburg Süd adds a second Far East – South Africa to its offer, as the German carrier continues to buy slots on the ‘ASA’ service of MOL, PIL and K-Line.

Rather than an increase of capacity in Asia to South Africa trade lane, this addition should however be seen as a replacement for the Far East – South Africa leg of Hamburg Süd’s former ‘NGX2’. Contrary to its non-stop successors, this to-be-closed Asia to South America service featured a westbound call at Durban. It could thus be used to carry cargo from Asia to South Africa.

This new slot agreement comes into place shortly after Hamburg Süd announced the opening of a South Africa – East Coast South America link through slots on NileDucth services.

Of note, should Hamburg Süd confirm participation on all calls of the ‘Safari’ service, Port Louis would be a brand new call for the carrier.


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