Hanjin withdraws from G6′ ‘SVS’ and concentrates on ‘CKYH’ Far East – ECNA offer

With immediate effect, Hanjin stops slotting on the G6 alliance’s Suez Canal-routed Far East and Southeast Asia to USEC service ‘SVS’. So far, the Korean carrier marketed the slot allocation on the loop as its ‘AWJ’ service.

The ‘SVS’ is the successor of the ‘SZX’ loop offered by the New World Alliance’s partners APL, MOL and Hyundai, merged into a new G6 alliance loop with Grand Alliance members Hapag-Lloyd, NYK and OOCL.

The service was formed as part of a wider restructuring move, when the partners of the G6 decided to expand the scope of their ‘super alliance’ from the Asia to Europe corridor to the Asia to North America trade lane.

Within the expanded portfolio of the G6, the ‘SVS’ has a somewhat special status since Evergreen Marine, itself not a member of any major alliance, participates in the service and contributes one of nine vessels. Evergreen markets the loop as its ‘AUE3’.

Vladimir Tonic

The HANJIN PHILADELPHIA, deployed on ‘AWH’, will make the first visit to  Jacksonville / Credit: Vladimir Tonic

Following its departure from the G6 loop, Hanjin will henceforth focus its Asia to North America portfolio on services provided with the ‘CKYH’ alliance in which the Koreans partner with Coscon, K-Line and Yang Ming. The ‘CKYH’ members presently offer six weekly loops between Asia and North America. Five of these are routed via the Panama Canal and one via the Suez. In order to maintain coverage of the southern USEC at the present level, a new call all at Jacksonville, a port that features on the Suez-routed ‘SVS’, will be added to the Hanjin-operated Panama-routed Asia to USEC loop ‘AWH’.

Jacksonville used to play a major role in Hanjin’s USEC strategy. For almost a decade, Hanjin had planned to develop its own container terminal at the Florida port. After years of planning Hanjin eventually buried the project earlier this year. In the light of the in the challenging market environment and lower-than-expected cargo volumes and rate, the terminal plan was no longer viable.

The  ‘CKYH’ alliance’s Asia to North America portfolio looks as follows:

  • ‘AWK’, operated by K-Line and Yang Ming, via Suez
  • ‘AWC’, operated by Cosco, via Panama
  • ‘AWH’, operated by Hanjin, via Panama; a Jacksonville call is added to the rotation and will be first served on 24 June.
  • ‘AWT’, operated by Cosco, via Panama
  • ‘AWY’, operated by Yang Ming
  • ‘AWS’, operated by Hanjin and Cosco, via Panama ; this loop was suspended in December 2012 and reopened at the end of April.

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