WAN HAI 517 (4,680 teu) delivered

The Taiwanese carrier Wan Hai today received its newest fleet addition, the 4,680 teu WAN HAI 517. The ship is the final unit in a series of six compact wide-beam vessels that Wan Hai ordered in two installments in May and July 2007, respectively. All six sisters are built by CSBC at Kaohsiung. Earlier capacity estimates had classified the ships are 4,532 teu units, but Wan Hai recently released a somewhat higher intake of 4,680 teu.

As usual with Wan Hai, the shipping line has omitted the ‘unlucky’ number 4 and thus also the number 14 in the series which started with the delivery of WAN HAI 511 in May of 2012. This explains why the sixth ship actually carries 517 as aprefix and not 516.

The new vessel will make her debut in the new Far East to WCSA service ‘ASA’ operated by Wan Hai, Evergreen (‘WSA2’), Coscon and PIL, where she joins three of her five earlier sisters. This service was opened in early May and it deploys a fleet of eight ships in the size range from 3,850 teu to 5,039 teu.

Originally, the entire sextet was slated for delivery in 2010 and 2011. In the aftermaths of the global economic crisis, the ships’ deliveries were however deferred by up to 24 months.


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