Chinese yards acquire license to build German-designed ‘Stream LNG’ vessel type


The Stream LNG of IPP – Hamburg

IPP Ingenieur Partner Pool of Hamburg and Technolog Services as IPP’s marketing partner recently presented their concept for a series of dual-fuel open-top container vessels. Dubbed ‘Stream LNG’, the concept proposes ship designs with main engines that can run on heavy fuel oil, natural gas or a mixture of the two.

Since the main components of the ‘Stream’ concept are modular, IPP claims it can apply the major features of its concept to designs ranging from 3,000 teu to 5,000 teu. Two vessel types have been designed so far. The ‘Stream 4200 LNG’ is a 245m long panamax-beam (13 rows) ship, whereas the ‘Stream 5000 LNG’ is a 249m long and 37.40m (15 rows) wide baby-overpanamax vessel.

Both types are designed for moderate service speeds of 18.5 to 19.5 knots, with a top speed of 21.0 knots. The ships are powered by MAN-designed dual-fuel main engines. The developers claim that the vessels would emit approximately 30% less carbon dioxide per teu than comparable ships with conventional heavy fuel oil propulsion. On top of this, they comply with the strictest emission rules when sailing in full-LNG mode.

One idea of the ‘Stream’ concept is to store LNG in one medium-sized main tank, which can be supplemented by additional LNG tanks fitted in special containers. If required, the ship’s bunker capacity for LNG can thus be increased at the expense of a number of container slots.

The open-top ‘Stream’ vessels are fitted with a stack-spitting system which allows a flexible distribution of cargo loads across the ship. Unlike on hatchcoverless ships that do not provide stack-spitting, the weight of container stowed on deck, does not rest on the lower part of the stack which is stowed inside the hold.

China’s SUMEC Marine Company this year acquired a license to build ‘Stream’ ships from IPP and Technolog. SUMEC partners with New Yangzijiang Shipbuilding, New Century (aka New Times) Shipyard, Zhejiang Shipyard, Jingling Shipyard, Hantong Heavy Industries and Chenggxi Shipyard to offer the design to customers.

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