Royal visit coming up at Copenhagen (?)

Maersk Line today disclosed that the second of its 18,270 teu triple-E class vessels, MAJESTIC MAERSK, will make an exceptional visit at Copenhagen between the 23 and 29 of September as part of her maiden voyage. Since the ship will be deployed on Maersk Line’s AE10, which comprises a Baltic Sea leg anyway, the Copenhagen call is not much of a detour for the giant vessel.

Given the ships’s royal name – and Maersk Line is one of the carriers that take vessel naming traditions seriously – we cannot help but wonder whether the exceptional stopover in the Danish capital might somehow involve Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, a bottle of Champagne and three long blasts from MAJESTIC MAERSK’s ship horn.

So far however, all this is pure speculation and Maersk has not disclosed the name of triple-E number two’s godmother. Surely though, Maersk Line will let all of us know early enough. So watch this space.


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