Evergreen opens new Greece to Black Sea service

Evergreen is set to open a new Greece to Black Sea service, branded ‘EBS’.

Manuel hernandez Lafuente

The 1,155 teu MURAT K will soon link Poti to Piraeus for Evergreen / Credit: Manuel Hernandez Lafuente

The ‘East Black Sea’ service will call at Piraeus, Istanbul, Poti and Novorossiysk, and two vessels are to be employed, to maintain a fixed-day two-week rotation: the ships will be the 1,155 teu MURAT K and a yet to be nominated ship in the 1,000 teu size range.

The new service adds to an existing Greece – Black Sea loop of Evergreen and X-Press feeders that serves Novorossyisk, Odessa, Constanza and Varna. It does also confirm Piraeus’ status as an east Mediterranean hub for the Taiwanese carrier, who now has ten intra-Med services (of their own or through slots), connecting via Piraeus to the CKYH’ Far East to Med loop ‘MD1’ and to its standalone Far East to North Europe loop ‘CES’, which calls at Piraeus both east- and westbound.


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