CKYH carriers tighten capacity on Far East to Med loop

The members of the CKYH alliance have decided to make one further blank sailing on their Far East – Med ‘MD1’ service.

The loop, which runs between North China and the Western Med, was slowed down from nine to ten weeks at the beginning of this year. Hanjin and Coscon so far deployed nine vessels on the ten-week round-trip, with one blank sailing every ten weeks.

It now appears that the fleet is reduced further this month, down to eight vessels and two skipped sailings in June. The change will result in an average weekly capacity of 6,800 teu on the ‘MD1’, compared to 8,700 teu a year ago.

This reduction adds to the fact that, contrary to announcements made in March, the CKYH partners finally decided not to reopen their joint ‘MD3’ Asia-Med service.

The CKYH alliance’s second Asia-Med loop, the ‘MD2’, continues to deploy nine vessels on a ten-week rotation, with a stable average capacity of 7,765 teu per week.

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