United Feeder strengthens Tunis coverage

BF CARTAGENA - 509 teu - 9123817

The 509 teu BF CARTAGENA is to sail alongside sister BF CATANIA  / Credit: Manuel Hernandez Lafuente

Effective end of June, the Mediterranean short-sea specialist United Feeder Services (UFS) is to strengthen its Italy – Tunis coverage with the assignment of a second 509 teu vessel to the service between Cagliari and Rades (Tunis).

At the same time, UFS will re-organise its Cagliari-based two-wing mini-butterfly into a three-wing mini-butterfly pattern with one Italian wing and two consecutive Tunisian wings.

So far, the 509 teu BF CATANIA used to make one round-trip every nine days, calling at Cagliari, Rades, Cagliari, Trapani, Cagliari. As of late June, the vessel will be joined by her sister ship BF CARTAGENA and the two will trade alongside each other on a revised rotation. The vessels will maintain a 15-day service, which will consist of three consecutive Cagliari-based legs – all of which a different. Leg one is an Italian mini-loop with Naples and Catania (eastern Sicily) calls, leg two is a Tunisian mini-loop with a Rades call only and leg three is a combined Tunisia and Trapani (western Sicily) mini-loop.

Effectively, this means that Rades, the port of Tunis, will be served twice a week, whereas the Italian ports will each be served once per week.

The revised service now turns as follows: Cagliari, Catania, Naples, Cagliari, Rades, Cagliari, Rades, Trapani, Cagliari.

Since the entire rotation takes between 15 and 16 days to complete, as opposed to 14, the service does not trade on fixed days of the week.


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