DSME to build Ship Finance International’s wide-beam quartet

The ‘undisclosed’ South Korean shipyard at which Ship Finance International (SFI) recently ordered four 9,000 teu wide-beam vessels has been revealed and it turns out to be Daewoo Shipbuilding (DSME). The choice of yard is a small surprise since it was widely believed that DSME’s compatriots at Sungdong would secure these orders from SFI.

The four vessels are scheduled for delivery between September 2014 and February 2015 and they will trade for the French Line CMA CGM. Ship Finance International has given the four ships proforma names of French rivers and the quartet will be known as SFL LOIRE, SFL SEINE, SFL SOMME and SFL TAURION. The ships will however be given CMA CGM charter names once they enter commercial service.

For DSME, the vessels must represent a new 19-row wide design, since the Korean yard has not built any compact wide-beams of 9,000 teu yet. Between 2011 and 2013 DSME did however deliver a 16 unit strong series of 18-row wide 7,500 teu ships for Maersk Line. The final eight of these were delivered a with a raised bridge and superstructure to boost their capacity to more than 8,000 teu.


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