Clipper Projects merges with Thorco Shipping

clipperDenmark’s Clipper Projects and its compatriot Thorco Shipping today announced the creation of the world’s second-largest multipurpose and projects owner and operator: effective July 1st, Clipper Projects, part of the Clipper Shipping Group, and Thorco Shipping will merge, continuing under the Thorco name and with headquarters in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen.

After the merger, the new Thorco will operate a fleet of close to 90 multipurpose vessels, including some ships with heavy lift capacities of up to 400 tons. The vessels range from 5,000 dwt to 20,000 dwt in terms of deadweight.

The two world-wide organizations will gradually be merged into one, totaling a staff of about 130 employees. The new Thorco will have offices in 11 countries around the world and be headquartered in Copenhagen, where Clipper Projects is already based today. The pre-merger Thorco Shipping so far had its offices at Svendborg, a small town on Denmark’s Funen (aka Fyn) Island


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