Jiangnan Changxing delivers XING CANG ZHOU (4,738 teu)

China Shipping Container Line (CSCL) has taken delivery this week of the 4,738 teu XING CANG ZHOU, the penultimate unit of eight small overpanamax ships which the carrier ordered in June 2008 at Shanghai Jiangnan Changxing Shipbuilding.

CSCL originally ordered this series as 260m long panamax-beam vessels with an intake of 4,250 teu. The Chinese carrier however later revised the orders into slightly larger ships and negotiated delivery deferrals at the same time.

The XING CANG ZHOU follows the XIN XU ZHOU which was delivered in April and she has already phased-in to one of CSCL’s domestic intra-China services.

The new vessel is named after Cangzhou, a prefecture-level city in eastern Hebei province of the People’s Republic of China. Cangzhou is located just south of the port city of Tianjin (axa Xingang), where the ship arrived for the first time yesterday.


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