Evergreen, NYK and Simatech team up in intra-subcontinent service

Evergreen, NYK and Simatech are about to launch a new intra-subcontinent service, to be branded ‘IBS’ by Evergreen and ‘BAS’ by NYK.

The new four-week, fixed day service will deploy four vessels in the 1,600 teu to 1,700 teu size range, the ELENI I – which will inaugurate the service on 27 June-, the EVER PEARL, VIOLETTA and HANSA NORDBURG. It will trade along the following rotation: Colombo, Karachi, Mundra, Colombo, Chittagong, Colombo.

The new service is essentially a Sri Lanka-based butterfly with a western wing (Karachi, Mundra) and an eastern wing (Chittagong), between which the four ships alternate. The service is centered around the port of Colombo, which is a major transhipment hub and which will link the new butterfly loop to deep sea mainline services. While the butterfly does also cater for port pairs across and between its two wings, such as Chittagong to Karachi, its main purpose is likely to relay containers via Colombo.


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