CMA CGM and Delmas wind down their ‘Diams Feeder’

CMA CGM is to close its intra West-African ‘Diams Feeder’ service. The loop so far served Abidjan, where it connected to CMA CGM’s Europe-WAF loops, Libreville, Pointe Noire, Lobito and Abidjan. Calls at Boma and Matadi has already been removed in April.

The ‘Diams Feeder’ turned in 28 days and employed a fleet of four ships of around 1,100 teu. Three of the ships have already phased-out and the 1,158 teu CAPE SPENCER will end sailings on the ‘Diams Feeder’ this weekend.

Out of the to-be-closed service’s rotation, Libreville and Pointe Noire have recently gained one additional service from CMA CGM, the ‘PC SUD’, which connects the transhipment hub of Tanger Med with Pointe Noire, Port Gentil and Libreville. This new service had been launched as a partial replacement of CMA CGM – Delmas’ ‘Atlantic Roro’ which has recently been closed.

For CMA CGM and Delmas, Lobito remains covered by the ‘Angola Shuttle’ and the intra-West Africa service. The latter of these also insures connections to Boma and Matadi. In addition Lobito is called by CMA CGM and Delmas as part of their ECSA to WAF loop, offered in cooperation with NileDutch.


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