Hyundai withdraws from Iran

HYUNDAI COLOMBO - 6,800 teu - 9323508

The HYUNDAI COLOMBO will make the final call at Bandar Abbas on 19 June / Credit: Frans Sanderse

It is now Hyundai Merchant Marine’s turn to adjust its operations under growing pressure from the UN and the US and to withdraw from Iran. The operator will remove the Bandar Abbas call from its Far East – Middle East Gulf ‘KMS’ service as of mid-June.

The 6,800 teu HYUNDAI COLOMBO will make a final visit to the Iranian port on 19 June.

HMM’s move is the most recent of a general trend observed since the beginning of the year.  Evergreen, a slot-buyer on the ‘KMS’, had already ceased to participate in the Bandar Abbas call in April.

This leaves TS Lines as the very last carrier to call at Bandar Abbas with a deep-sea service, as the Iranian port is still part of TS Lines’ China – Middle East ‘CME’.

Bandar Abbas is still served by a few local feeders.


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