Daesun delivers INTRA BHUM (1,043 teu) to RCL

SIRI BHUM - 1,043 teu - 9491719

Sister SIRI BHUM was delivered in March and chartered to HEUNG-A / Credit: Vladimir Tonic

Regional Container Lines (RCL) has received the INTRA BHUM, second unit in a pair of 1,043 teu Daesun standard type newbuildings ordered in December 2007. The ship follows the SIRI BUHM, which Daesun handed over in March.

Originally, the ships were slated for delivery in 2011, but the owners negotiated a deferral of about two years in the aftermaths of the global financial crisis of 2008.

Apparently surplus to RCL’s present requirements, both sisters have been chartered out to Heung-A for whom they will trade in the carrier’s HPS Korea – Hong Kong – Haiphong service.

On this loop, the new INTRA BHUM replaces the LANTAU BEE, another Daesun standard type that Haung-A presently charters and which the Koreans are expected to redeliver soon.

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