Jiangsu New Yangzijiang delivers COSCO VENICE (4,253 teu)

Jiangsu New Yangzijiang Shipbuilding of China has delivered the 4,253 teu COSCO VENICE. The panamax-beam vessel is number 15 in a series of 20 sister ships that Coscon ordered in late 2007 and early 2008 and whose deliveries have been deferred as a consequence of the economic crisis.

The new ship is scheduled to join the CKYH-alliance’s Coscon- and Hanjin-operated Asia-USEC loop ‘AWS’, also known as ‘AW7’, ‘AWE7’ and ‘SVN’ by the respective slot partners Yang Ming, K-Line and MOL.

As a matter of fact, the newbuilding does not replace any ship of the service’s existing fleet. Instead it fills one of the departure slots that open up as the loop is gearing up to a full weekly operation, followings its five-month suspension.

The COSCO VENICE follows the COSCO VALENCIA, which had been delivered in early May. Five more ships of the type will be handed over to Coscon in the coming months. These are to be named COSCO IZMIR, COSCO WELLINGTON, COSCO ASHDOD, COSCO AQABA and COSCO SURABAYA.


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