Shanghai Shipyard delivers PEDRO ALVARES CABRAL (3,765 teu)

Alianca di Navegacao, has recently taken delivery of the PEDRO ALVARES CABRAL, the second of six 3,765 teu newbuildings ordered in September 2010 at China’s Shanghai Shipyard. The gearless vessels of the SDARI 3800 type are 234.00m long, 37.20m wide and offer provisions to supply 500 reefer containers.

They are propelled by a 7-cylinder MAN B&W engine rated at 22,900 kW for a speed of about 20 knots. The PEDRO ALVARES CABRAL follows the SEBASTIAO CABOTO, the series’ lead ship, which had been delivered in January. The new ship was actually already handed over about a week ago, after spending several months idle at the shipyard pier. The next two vessels of the type are also essentially ready, but their deliveries are expected to be deferred too.

The new ship is named after Pedro Álvares Cabral (1467 to 1520), a Portuguese nobleman, military commander, navigator and explorer, who is regarded as the discoverer of Brazil. Cabral conducted the first substantial exploration of the northeast coast of South America and claimed it for Portugal.

Presently, the PEDRO ALVARES CABRAL is headed from the Far East to the East Coast of South America on an off-schedule trip, where she will join the network of her operator Alianca – a subsidiary of the German Oetker Group and thus a sister company of Hamburg Süd.

In addition to the six sisters for Alianca, the German non-operating owners of Vinnen also ordered two units of the type at Shanghai Shipyard. The pair will go on long-term charters to Hamburg Süd as CAP CLEVELAND and CAP CAMPBELL. A further two sisters of the type, CAP CORRIENTES and CAP CORTES, have been ordered at Taizhou Catic Shipbuilding by Vilmaris and Carsten Rehder. These two ships have also been chartered by Hamburg Süd.

The SDARI 3800 series will thus comprise (at least) eight ships and all of these will trade for the Hamburg Süd Group.

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