Maersk Line: cascading all the way to Australia

In March this year, Maerk Line released an animation called ‘Network Management: The Big Picture’. About incorporating new tonnage, cascading ships from one service to the next, idling or redelivering assets. A topic which ‘is as relevant as ever since [Maersk] will be launching the world’s largest ships – the Triple-Es – […] in a weak market’, as the Danish carrier puts it.

In parallel to this release, Maersk took the decision to upgrade a US-bound service and to move part of its fleet under stars and stripes. A move that triggered a ‘great cascade’ which is affecting directly at least 10 services. The perfect case study.

Here is a story of network management:

  1. US flag ECNA – Middle East ‘MECL1’ boosted, Hanjin-HI-built Maersk-K-series (6,477 teu) reflagged to the USA.
  2. ENCA – Middle East ‘MECL2’ increases capacity, with ships redeployed from ‘MECL1’.
  3. Transatlantic ‘TA2’ increases capacity, with ships phasing-in from ‘MECL1’.
  4. Turkey – Subcontinent ‘ME3’ increases capacity with ships (IHI-built Sealand series and other panamaxes) phasing-in from ‘TA2’.
  5. South East Asia – East Africa ‘Horn of Africa’ increases capacity and is homogenized with ships (Nedlloyd Europa open top series) phasing in from ‘ME3’.
  6. Ships employed on ‘Horn of Africa’ are redeployed on smaller trades, redelivered or laid-up.
  7. Far East – South Africa ‘Safari’ incorporate newbuildings from Hyundai Samho shipyard and ships taken from the suspended Europe – Far East ‘AE9’.
  8. Med – Middle East ‘ME2’ boosted with Maersk Seletar-type (aka Baby-S-class) ships phasing-in from ‘Safari’.
  9. West Med – Subcontinent ‘ME4’ closes, as cargo is ensured through boosted ‘MEA’, ‘MECL1’ and ‘MECL2’, ships will be redeployed in ANZ after a refit at yard.
  10. Participation in Med – ECNA ‘Amerigo’ suspended, West Med feeder network modified.
  11. ‘Northern’ and ‘Southern’ stars revisited, five ships phasing in from ‘ME4’, five ships to be re-employed or redelivered.

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