Teamlines to call at Ust-Luga

Team Lines, a subsidiary of the Belgian Delphis Group and a specialist in the north European feeder market, is to replace the St Petersburg call by a call at Ust-Luga on its ‘RUS1’ service. Ust-Luga, a satellite port of greater St Petersburg region, will be served as of mid-June.

anne sibum

The ANNE SIBUM will call Ust-Luga as of Mid-June / Credit: Aleksi Lindström

The revised ‘RUS1’ will call at: Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Ust-Luga, Bremerhaven and it will be maintained by the 1,036 teu sisters ANNE SIBUM and GRETE SIBUM.

The ‘RUS1’ is presently served as part of a two-loop system, referred to as the ‘FIN1’-‘RUS1’ butterfly. This means that two Northrange-Baltic rotations have been operationally joined to form a butterfly with a 21-day round trip time and weekly fixed-day sailings on each of the two wings. It therefore remains to be seen which of two scenarios actually plays out: Team Lines might continue to run the three-week butterfly and add another service on top of it, meaning that Ust-Luga would be served additionally, with two extra ships added to the fleet. Alternatively, Team Lines might simply de-merge the ‘FIN1’-‘RUS1’ butterfly back into two 14-day loops, each served with two ships. This would require the addition of one vessel. In this case, Ust-Luga would effectively replace one of Team Lines’s St. Petersburg calls.


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