Hanjin to launch second Algeciras-WAF loop – WAF1-partners to join?

The South Korean carrier Hanjin will launch a new service to connect its western Med hub at Algeciras, Spain, with Nigeria, Benin and Togo. The new service, scheduled to begin operations in mid-July, will call at Algeciras, Lagos-Apapa, Cotonou and Lome. It will offer one sailing every nine days, with a total round trip time of 27 days.

Sailings will begin on 15 July with the 2,553 teu vessel HANJIN PORT ADELAIDE. A further two ships of comparable size have yet to be nominated.

The new service will add to the WAF/WAF1 loop that Hanjin already offers in cooperation with UASC and Evergreen. Whether one or both of these partners will also be involved in the new second loop has yet to be announced.

Both services (will) use the Total Terminal at Algeciras in which Hanjin is a stakeholder and which serves to connect the Africa-related loops to east-west main line operations.


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