French Line adapts St Petersburg Loop for summer season

With immediate effect, CMA CGM has modified the European Northrange rotation of its ‘St Petersburg Feeder A’, one of four weekly services, which the French Lines offers to the Russian city of St Petersburg. The northern French port of Dukirk has been moved to the start of the rotation, which now reads:

Dunkirk, Zeebruegge, Antwerp, Kiel Canal (way point), St Petersburg, Kiel Canal (way point),Dunkirk.

At Dunkirk, CMA CGM offers connections to various deep sea services including the large-scale MSC-operated ‘Lion’ (which CMA CGM calls ‘FAL7’) and CMA CGM’s standalone Europe-India service ‘EPIC’.

CMA CGM’s ‘St Petersburg Feeder A’ turns in 14 days with a fleet of two ships. The vessels in service are the 1,436 teu ALSTERDIJK and the 1,480 teu INDEPENDENT CONCEPT.

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